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Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Mood:  on fire
Topic: I AM SO HYPER!!!!!
Oh my gosh! In choir, I was laughing so hard that I was crying! Billy and Andy were just saying random words (like red, shoe, doughnuts, pudding, shoe, etc.) and I was just sitting there, laughing. The 3 of us almost got into trouble. And today was picture day! I had no clue, but oh well. After I got my pictures taken, I was walking back up the line, and I ran by the guy who I like! And My friends were like, you went that way on purpouse and I was like, yeah. He smelt really good. I've also been sick since friday, but I'm all better. My whole family seems to be sick. Man, my keyboard is all wet. I was drinking water, and I wanted to get an ice cube, so I used my fingers, and I didn't dry them off. =D Oh well, it doesn't bother me. Bleh. Okay... that was pretty random, but I'm a random person! And by the way, in case you couldn't tell by this post that is longer than the usual, and the topic, I'M HYPERRRRRRRR. ^_^ Ok, I realllly gotta get off the downy. My sister says that I am a downy addict because I smell everything that we wash. Well, ALMOST everything, if ya know what I mean. *walks over to dresser and pullls out a pair of CLEAN socks* Mmmm. Downy! Ok, well, I am gonna go update Fluffy-Sama, because I haven't updated there in awhile either...

Posted by TK at 2:54 PM EST
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Monday, 7 March 2005

Mood:  cool
Topic: Today
OK, well Thursday we had a family emergency. Don't ask. Anyhow, I just haven't felt like blogging. I've been down, but now I'm back up and PERKY! ^_^ I just have been feeling lazy..... Anyhow, my friend Margo let me borrow her InuYasha book, since I've read my own book 10 times already, and she's read hers alot. So I scanned two pictures of InuYasha that I thought were cute looking! I think him and Sesshomaru(sp?) are both TOTAL HOTTIES. Yeah, I know, I have issues, but this is my bloggie, so yeah... Anyhow, SC smiled at me in choir today! And he was looking at me too!! And he smelled REALLY REALLY GOOD today. ^_^ I luv going to choir. Ok, well I have CCD tonight, so I won't be able to post again today. Maybe tommorow. But not today! Anyhow, I leave you ALL with a sentence:
Jade is the pimping cheese pimp that's the pimpiest pimp taken to the pimping limit of pimps with his legion of the pimpin pimps that pimp people rides.

Posted by TK at 4:51 PM EST
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Wednesday, 2 March 2005

Mood:  not sure
Today, my grandma started yelling at me and katie, for NO reason. I don't even want to talk about it. So I won't. On a MUCH happier note,Ryan told Lisa that me and him were going out. He's nice and all, but I just couldn't see us as Boyfriend/Girlfriend.He kept putting his arm around me, and I kept shoving it off my shoulder. I didn't mind it, but it was creeping me out sorta. (O.o That last sentence didn't make ANY sense, but oh well, it's my blog.) I kept hitting him with my binder, and he stopped. Mrs.Wackerly put on Breakaway, and Ryan started to sing in his girly voice. It had me and lisa almost fell on the floor we were laughing so hard. Oh yeah, and here's a FUNNY picture that will make you happy!

Posted by TK at 5:11 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 2 March 2005 5:15 PM EST
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Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Mood:  chillin'
Topic: Today
Ok, well today in science, we got to watch bill nye, and ryan put his ARM around me, and me and lisa were like, ewwwwwwww. Then I jerked all of a sudden, and Ryan's arm flew back and hit him. It was so funny. Then when I was getting ready to leave, Ryan walked by, and he waved to me. Anyhow, I'm going to xavier's (and sean's) spelling bee here at 7:00. I AM NOT GOING FOR SEAN, I'M GOING FOR XAVIER! Just needed to get my point across there. I know how SOME of my friends think. Anyhow, that's pretty much it for today.

Posted by TK at 4:54 PM EST
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Monday, 28 February 2005

Mood:  chatty
Topic: Today
Ok, well, I just got home from school. Jade picked me up, so I didn't have to leave at my usual time,2:15. I like leaving with all the other kids. Well, anyhow, Melody gave me and Lisa some gum, and I'm still chewing it. (I haven't had it that long.) Katie doesn't get home for another 30 minutes, so I'm using her stereo to listen to We Were Meant to Live. I'm completly obsessed with that song. U.U Oh well. I got all of my homework done at school during AA so I don't have any, except for a math paper that's due Wednesday. I have a math test on Wednesday, and a DOL quiz on Thursday (I think...). I got a new binder yesterday, before I went to Carraba's with my cousins, and aunt. It was fun.

Posted by TK at 3:22 PM EST
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Sunday, 27 February 2005

Mood:  not sure
Topic: ...
Man, ever since my Uncle Terry died last june, all that everyone has done in my family is argue. I mean, it's all over my Aunt Steia and cousin Tessa. I'm not gonna go into detail. But I don't know how much more of the arguing I can take! I've been begging my mom to move to alaska, but she says no. I know that probably nobody reads this, but at least this gives me someplace to vent without anybody staring over my shoulder to read it. Man, I feel a little better now. I mean, I was just sitting out in the living room watching Shrek 2 for like the tenth time, and then my mom and grandma start arguing!!! I would rather be at school then at home. *sighs* I feel better know.

Posted by TK at 2:00 PM EST
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Saturday, 26 February 2005

Ok, well I'm going to eat dinner. I didn't get in trouble for the prank calls either!

Posted by TK at 8:56 PM EST
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Topic: Today
Okay, so it's been awhile since I've posted. But I have something HILAROUS to tell. Me and my cousin Jade, made prank phone calls to my aunt, mom, and grandma. We went to Ebaum's something and went to the recordings of Napolean Dynamite (since I am OBSESSED with him), and used those. Our Grandma actually played along! But she didn't know who it was, and 'napolean' was telling her about a bike, and then 'he' asked if the chickens had large talons. My grandma was like flipping out. Then she ran into the room, and she was like, was that you two? and then we nodded. Then she was like, WEll, I was about to raise H***! I had to have a sock in my mouth the WHOLE time we were pranking people, because I was laughing. I trippoed over a TON Of stuff.

Posted by TK at 8:26 PM EST
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Friday, 3 December 2004

Topic: Today
OMG! 2day was soo funny! While we were getting ready to go home, I shut Owen's locker. And then I hit him with my posterboard over and over again. Then he re-opened his locker and I shut it again. Then I wacked him with my posterboard again. THen he starting waving his hands around like a lunatic and hit my face. I told Melody that Owen hit a girl, and he said "I didn't hit a girl, I hit Teal." And all 3 of us started cracking up. Then Brittany came down from her class room (my mom drove her home), and she had heard Owen screaming (in his high-pitched girly voice) and me and Melody were like, woah. Me and Melody haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Then I came home and went to the eye doctors. I got my glasses, and they look sexy (not really...)!And I'm gonna be gettin off of here sometime soon to get ready for my dance.

Posted by TK at 4:56 PM EST
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Thursday, 2 December 2004

Topic: Today
Ok well I've been SUPER busy. I had to do 2 MAJOR projects in reading, and I had 2 pages of Social Studies, and Like 16 LOOOONG Math problems, Which is why I didn't post anything 2day. Yesterday, I was busy too. I went to the eye doctors 2day because I failed the Eye Screening/test thing at school. My eyes are 20/40 and 20/50. Not good. XD I have a school dance 2mmrow nite, and my aunt comes up from Florida on Saturday. Busy Week. I'm helping my guild on neopets (we just talk on there, that's what I use neopets for, a chat site) with 2 different websites, plus making a new layout for Squeeky Cheese (Funny, but retarded, name).Well I'm gettin ready to go to beddy bye now, so I'll post again, hopefully tommrow. I leave you all with this perky, uplifting song by some people I do not know, but they do most of the SADX/SA2B/SH music.Team Sonic

Posted by TK at 9:40 PM EST
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