Fan Fic Network version 2.0

Welcome to FFN! This is version 2.0! Ph33r it!

Blaze's Updates
Hmm....... Added a chapter to the devil gauntlet series. I hope I get some time to put it up. I also have some poems I'd like to get on the site. They are romantic a bit, but bite me if you don't like musshy stuff.

Blitz's updates
Ok. I added a Link Exchange Page.If you have a fan fic site, and would like to exchange links with us, please e-mail me. A button would be nice, but if you don't have one, that's ok too. And I added Blaze's new fan fic, Slayers of The Realm. It was uploaded to ripway last nite, but I didn't get to post the link. And 101 Ways to chase an apple is there too. -Blitz

LOOK! Isi and Volkan are on the Buttons! Isi is the pastel one, and Volkan is the Darker one. Isi is (c) Copyright to Blitz, and Volkan is (c) Copyright to Blaze.

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