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About the Staff

Here's all about us, the staff.

About Blitz:
Age: 13
Gender: I'm a girl, thank you very much
Pets: 2 dogs, Oliver the Bischon Frise, and Benji, the Toy Poodle
B-day: October 6th
Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Playing Zelda and Sonic Games, Reading, Sleeping, Listening to Music
Song: Mi-Ra-I, Sonic Drive, Simple and Clean, or 1985
Color: GREEN!
Food: Pizza, Steak, or Chinease!!
Animal: Wolf or Kitty, or Dog!
Season: Winter or Summer!
Thing to do in spare time: Sleep.. XP
Quote: "Take life as it comes, only thing you can change about it is your attitude!"
Dislikes: Preps, Homework, Annoying People, Bright Lights, Getting Up Early, Cleaning, bleh...
Current Obsession: Sesshomaru

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About Blaze:
Real Name: Xavier
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Intrests: Editing site, writing, making sprites, day-dreaming, videogames, football,music,internet,Nitendo DS,pocket rocket,Inu-Yasha,Devil May Cry.
Dislikes: School, annoying sister,Kids Next Door,Rugby,cinnamon,people that are stuck up,My teacher(s),getting hurt,Miroku.
Fav.Color: Red
Fav.Food:Shrimp and Ramen
Pets: Cat named Screech
Fav.Song: Just Lose It, Live And Learn, Sonic Drive, Fukai Mori, 1985, Ma-Ra-I.
Fav.TVshow: Inu-Yasha, Family Guy.
Fav.Character: Shadow Link
Quote: "Life is life. So make sure no one messes yours up!"

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